Baltic Clean Cup

The problem of pollution with household waste on the shores of the Baltic Sea exists in all countries of the region. Pollution appears in two ways; by the inhabitants of the country litter, or the flow of litter from other countries. The amount of consumption increases and along with it the amount of pollution by household litter increases, too. Environmental volunteering allows to solve this problem for specific areas. Various methods are used to attract participants to litter collection activities, however, they become obsolete. We offer a new method — competition games. In a playful way, people perceive events that they had previously considered mandatory or boring. Litter collection is presented to them in a new and unexpected form, which enthrals its gaming component.

Project Goal:

To attract the attention of the Baltic region countries to the environmental situation, the problem of environmental pollution and waste disposal. We propose to hold the Baltic Clean Cup in the format of Clean Games in each of the Baltic region countries with a single rating, thus attracting public attention to environmental issues, mobilizing business and political structures to solve local waste problems. The Baltic Clean Cup will help to strengthen cooperation between countries, the relations between social organizations, business and government.

We plan to hold the Clean Cup, coordinating the dates and format with the Let’s Do It movement, which is a partner of the Clean Games.

The goal is to help to organize at least 10 games within the Clean Cup and to involve 70 to 200 participants in all countries of the Baltic region. In every event at least 0.5-1 tons of garbage will be collected.


  1. To find and train potential Clean Cup organizers in the regions where the project will be held. Some of the organizers have already been found, negotiations are underway with the others.
  2. To agree with the government of St. Petersburg that potential  organizers will be able to take on internships in the Clean Cup on May 18, 2019. With payment from the government for accommodation, food, cultural program.
  3. Make an introductory website about the Clean Cup and internship.
  4. To conduct an advertising campaign in Facebook to find sponsors, partners and organizers.
  5. Announce internships through UBC and our other channels (distribution via UBC, Let’s do it, announcement in our social networks, invitation to internships of volunteer and youth organizations through international cooperation of the St. Petersburg Youth Policy Committee, etc.) (Future Team, Peace Volunteers, International Department of Rosmolodezh)
  6. Search for sponsors, partners and organizers of the event.
  7. Business trips to thematic forums and conferences to search and negotiate with partners
  8. Register participants of the internship.
  9. To announce the Baltic Cleanup Cup in cooperation with the Commission for the Development of Sustainable Cities of the UBC (Bjorn Brodholm) at the Conference the Baltic Sea Day.
  10. To announce the Baltic Clean Cup on the UBC Executive Committee meeting in St. Petersburg, to solve organizational issues.
  11. To train the potential organizers during the internship.
  12. Develop a brand book and project website.
  13. To make a trip to the summer camp in Gdansk for the presentation of the Baltic Clean Cup.
  14. To prepare the holding of the Clean Cup with all organizers from each region 
  15. Announcement of events and invitation of participants.
  16. Holding the Baltic Cleanup Cup in the project regions.
  17. Sending press releases to the media and information to partners. Publication results in social networks.
  18. To report about the project.

 After the events the results will be summarized and work will be carried out with all the organizers in the specified regions. As practice shows, in the future the organizers do not stop at what has been accomplished and carry out new activities, bringing them to a regular level, attracting more and more local people. The sustainability of this project is manifested by attracting business companies to participate in the project activities of both sponsors and customers of corporate environmental team-building in the form of Clean Games. Such a great experience is already in several regions of Russia.


IPO “Clean Games”


Project region 

each Baltic Region Country

Project duration 

2019-04-01 – 2019-10-31


total project budget: €44,799.46
funding BaltCF: € 31,492.82