The Baltic Sea is a unique and vulnerable ecosystem.
We support those who strive to protect it.

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Do you have an idea that might help to improve the state of the Baltic Sea? We have till date supported a number of partners in the Baltic Sea Region engaging in areas like eutrophication, pollution, management of coastal and marine protected areas as well as biodiversity and protection of endangered species.

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What we do

Co-operating with partners from the Baltic Sea region, our Foundation seeks to restore and strengthen the marine environment of the Baltic Sea. We aim to protect and maintain the unique habitats and species of this region by reducing environmental pressures and pollution, enabling the creation of new protected areas and improving management of already existing ones.

Who we are

The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation (BaltCF) is a private civil law foundation registered in Germany as International Baltic Sea Foundation for Nature Conservation. We pursue independently and transparently the objectives set in our statute: conservation of nature and protection of the environment in the Baltic Sea and its catchment area.

Our projects’ examples

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