Finance and Sustainability

Sustainability plays an important role in every aspect of the foundation’s activities. Our virtues not only lie with supporting sustainable projects and advocating ecological responsibility, but are also fundamental to the management of our assets. The foundation’s assets are invested according to ethical, social and ecological principles.

The foundation’s capital stock consists of cash assets worth €5 million and a capital for expenditure of €20 million, which is exclusively used for funding nature conservation and environmental protection projects as defined in the statute.

In June 2014, these assets were irrevocably transferred from the founder (Nord Stream AG) to the foundation. The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation invests all its assets, which are not yet used for funding projects, according to sustainability criteria.

Our financial management is audited annually by an independent auditor.

Our Investment Guideline specifies the main types of investment and the ecological, social and ethical investment- and exclusion criteria.
The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation is committed to transparency and has signed the voluntary commitment to publish all important information following the Initiative of Tranparency of civil societies.