How do we fund?

The BaltCF applications follow a two-step procedure. For the first presentation of your idea, please use the Project Concept Form. Once your concept has received positive feedback, we will ask you to send us a full proposal for which you should use the Project Application Form. You are encouraged to seek advice / consultation from the BaltCF project coordinator before submitting your idea the official way.

For questions regarding our funding principles and application procedure, you will find the most relevant information in our statute and funding guideline.

We put special emphasis on transparent and objective selection of projects, taking into consideration the following aspects:

Selection criteria

  • Capability and experience of the applicant
  • Partnership and cooperation
  • Accurate description of the situation and background
  • Importance of the problem and urgency to solve it
  • Project intervention logic
  • Added value for the environment
  • Realistic organisation and timing
  • Cost-benefit ratio of planned activities
  • Additional co-funding (leverage effect)

For evaluation of project concepts with applied co-financing sum above € 100.000 the Foundation will normally involve its Project Advisory Committee (PAC). Of course, all documents are treated confidentially and the principles of data protection are respected.

Well developed, clear and targeted project concepts submitted using the original forms can expect a decision according to the following schedule: 

Ideal case selection schedule

  • Month 0: Project concept submitted 
  • Month 2: Project concept assessed, in case of positive decision full application requested 
  • Month 4-5: Full application submitted 
  • Month 6-8: Funding decision