How do we fund?

Your application opens a window of opportunity: for yourself, for us and for the future of the Baltic Sea. As we would like to have a transparent, non-bureaucratic and smart procedure that allows a project decision within 6 months, please read the following information carefully and use the documents in order to ensure a correct application.

We have a two-step procedure consisting of project concept form and project application. For a first presentation of your idea, please use the following document: Project Concept Form . Once your concept has received a positive feedback, we will ask you to send us a full proposal for which you should use the Project Application Form.

For any questions regarding our funding principles and application procedure, you will find the most relevant information in our Statute and funding guidelines.

Request Forms

Reporting Forms

The foundation’s office is responsible for selecting potential projects for funding.
We strive to achieve a transparent and objective selection of projects. Our selection criteria consider the following aspects:

Selection criteria

  • Problem description and background
  • Importance of problem and urgency to solve it
  • Project intervention logic
  • Project structure and timing
  • Partnership and cooperation
  • Cost benefit ratio of planned activities
  • Co-funding secured and adequate

During the selection procedure the foundation can involve its Project Advisory Committee (PAC) for the evaluation of projects with a total budget above € 100.000. Your application documents are of course treated confidentially and the principles of data protection are respected.

To give you an idea about the general process and all steps between project concept and project start, please read the ideal course of events as demonstrated below.

Selection Schedule

Well developed, clear, concrete and targeted projects can expect a decision within 6–8 months:

  • Month 0: Project concept submitted (December)
  • Month 2: concept assessed, full application requested (February)
  • Month 4: full application submitted (April)
  • Month 6: funding decision (June)