In July 2017, two new projects were able to commence with the help of our funding.

Both initiatives address environmental issues of global concern in the Lithuanian region of the Baltic Sea.

The first project, organised by the  cultural organisation Kultūros centras “In Actio”, works in cooperation with volunteers and relevant interest groups. The core of this project is dedicated to salmon populations and water pollution in Lithuanian rivers.  You can find out more about the project by clicking on this link.

The second project focuses on bird by-catch and is carried out by BirdLife International in the Curonian Lagoon on both the Lithuanian and the Russian side. The Baltic Sea is considered a hotspot for this issue and, as stated by BirdLife, Lithuanian coastal waters and the Curonian Lagoon form a very substantial hotspot in the Baltic Sea Region. In close cooperation with local fishermen, BirdLife aims to develop and test effective solutions to prevent seabirds from being caught in gillnets. Learn more.