Salmon Diary project finished

Our partners Lašišos dienoraštis (Salmon Diary) has successfully finished their project with us. Over the last two and a half years they have done great work to protect migrating fish in Lithuanian rivers from poachers, improve river habitats, educate about the issues and influence national legislation.

The main goal of the project was to strengthen the population of salmon in Lithuania by reducing poaching pressure. In total, our partners have conducted 300 raids to stop poaching activities. 35 video surveillance cameras were put up by 9 rivers to extend the monitoring.  84 poachers were detained by the authorities and fined, their poaching gear was confiscated.

In the work our partners have involved the local community through volunteering activities like clean-ups, and educated about the importance and status of salmon in Lithuania. In total, 27 seminars were organized reaching 750 people, and together with participation in events and great use of social media the outreach is much higher. Our partners also influenced national legislation to ban some commercial fishing in inland waters and the Curonian Lagoon. This creates great long-term impact of their activities.  

The work of Lašišos dienoraštis can be followed at , on facebook and youtube.


  • Study on salmon migration (“Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation\BaltCF – Documents\Project coordination\Completed\070S18 Salmon Diary\Reporting\Final Report\Additional documents\3 Annex 6 Study on Salmon (en).pdf”) ,
  • video (“\Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation\BaltCF – Documents\Project coordination\Completed\070S18 Salmon Diary\Media\Final report\H.264 Final LD2.mp4″ ).