Earthmind – a Swiss-based conservation organisation ( – with funding from the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation is looking for interested private landowners, communities and NGOs, primarily in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Poland, to share experiences with a cutting-edge private landowner initiative in southern Sweden – the Tullstorp Stream. The objective is to explore opportunities for collaboration and implementing multi-functional wetland restoration with the aim of creating a richer and healthier Baltic Sea proper.

Earthmind is looking for local groups, organisations, initiatives and NGOs who work with private landowners and who are interested in wetland restoration and want to find holistic solutions and approaches to address the many challenges they and their land are facing. Earthmind wants to invite four such groups from different countries to a three-day workshop in the Tullstorp Stream area in southern Sweden in March 2017.

There you will meet colleagues from the area, learn how they have addressed the various challenges and opportunities linked to wetland restoration, how they have managed to raise the funds needed, etc.

At the end of the workshop you will get help with an initial design of your own “Tullstorp initiative”, identify potential funding sources, etc.

If you are interested, please contact:

Karl Wagner,, +43-664-41 29 369

Magnus Sylvén,, +41-78-629 75 11

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