From 26 to 27 September 2017 managing director Peter Torkler participated in the international conference “Sustainable Development Goals: To Raise Public Awareness in Building Sustainable Communities around the Baltic Sea” in Jūrmala, Latvia. The event was a joint initiative of the Latvian Green Movement, the Coalition Clean Baltic and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The participants discussed sustainable development solutions in coastal areas of the Baltic Sea that consider both, the aim to establish an adequate infrastructure for tourism and the need to guarantee nature protection for the concerned areas. At the conference, special attention was given to cross-border opportunities, which is why Latvian as well as international multipliers from the Baltic Sea region were present. Apart from fruitful discussions and presentations, an excursion to the Latvian coast (Roja Municipality and Cape of Kolka) was on the agenda. Mr. Torkler was invited in order to present the funding opportunities the foundation offers as well as to learn about the need to protect Latvian dunes. As the protection of coastal habitats clearly falls into the scope of baltcf, we look forward to future cooperation with the engaged organisations.

If you wish to support our aims as stated in the foundation statute, you can share your idea and send us an application.  Please note that our next deadline for  project concepts is 21.12.2017.

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