We are pleased to announce the results from one of the first projects supported by baltcf. Our project partner reports about project activities in the Gulf of Finland:

Baltic Clean Games

Ecological action “Baltic Clean Games” was conducted on the beach of the Gulf of Finland in Saint Petersburg.

On Sunday 26.06 more than 150 people got together at Martyshkino village (near Lomonosov town) for a beach clean up competition in order to improve the ecological conditions in the Baltic. The “Game” format of the event attracted people of different ages and interests. 40 teams participated trying to get maximum points and win. For this they collected garbage into bags – separated glass, plastic and metal, and brought them to “Storages”. They also solved riddles about ecology of Baltic Sea to get extra points.

During 2 hours participants collected 2,5 tonns of garbage! Among plastic bags and broken glass there were really amazing findings like teapots, toys, dresses, shoes and even an ancient diving suit!

In the last decades the stability of Baltic Sea eco system is being debated hotly. Sea flora and fauna are decreasing and under threat because of pollution and waste fromhouseholds and industries. Moreover lots waste get to the waters of Baltic from the sea shore. Harmless from the first sight this waste appears to be really dangerous for sea inhabitants. Sea animals take pieces of plastic and foil for fish and swallow it. And even if the animal does not die from it rapidly, all this plastic we may find one day on our dinner tables.

Clean Games Baltic is a chance to attract public attention to the problem of waste and pollution in the Baltic and to enhance a dialogue between public, government and all the stakeholders.

Clean Games in Martyshkino were conducted with the support of the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation. Partners of the project were: Administration of Peterhof District of Saint Petersburg,«Green Mobility Project» (by Leontief Center and Nordic Council of Ministers), news agency «Fontanka.ru», Lomonosov Sea Festival, Council of St. Petersburg Municipalities.

The «Baltic Clean Games» project will conduct two more Games during this summer in Leningradskaya Oblast and Kaliningrad Region.