From 27 to 28 March 2017, a group of experts from Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Estonia came to Hamburg to participate in an international meeting at the WWF office. The group brought in expertise from various fields such as marine biology, ecosystem services, eutrophication, sea birds and sustainable financing. In 2015, the Project Advisory Committee (PAC)  was established as a body of experts by recommendation of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director. Its main purpose is to advice the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation on funding decisions that exceed the amount of 100.000 Euro. During the meeting in Hamburg, several current applications were discussed and assessed in detail. We are glad that we can rely on expert knowledge when receiving large-scale project proposals. It is great to know that the ecological state of the Baltic Sea is of importance to good minds from diverse backgrounds.

PAC Meeting 2017 group picture 2