Improving the nature protection on the Finnish Gulf valuable coastal areas

The project’s goal is to improve the nature protection on the forested coastal areas of the Finnish Gulf between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The project territory is studied and and the most threatened valuable coastal areas are detected, analysed and inventoried. Proposals, including data on red-listed/rare species, are released both in Finland and Russia.

Situation and background

The increasing coastline deforestation badly effects the aquatic biodiversity. In Finland, the protected area regimes are not sufficiently strict and their management needs improvement. In Russia, the valuable coastal areas still do not have an official status, i.e. there is no restriction of their commercial use. There is an urgent need for forest data and proposals for the protection improvement.

Project activities and effects

Project Goal:

  • To enhance nature protection in the program area by contributing to the management of existing protected areas and promoting the creation of planned protected areas
  • To strengthen the co-operation between nature conservation NGOs, environmental authorities and other stakeholders to guarantee the best conservation practice


  • Detection of the main threats for the nature protection at project territory
  • Interaction between the project participants
  • Improvement on the protection level at the pilot territories


  • Creation of land use analysis
  • Events
  • Creation of the protected area proposals

Long-Term Effects:

  • Strengthening the biodiversity protection and the protection of high conservation value coastal forests on the Gulf of Finland´s coastal areas
  • Developing the protected area network and the environmental sustainability in the program area
  • Enhancing the cross-border nature conservation connections and understanding between nature conservation NGOs, scientists and the other stakeholders


Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC)


  • Neo Eco Project (Russia)

Project region 

Coastal forests of the Finnish Gulf between Helsinki (Finland) and St. Petersburg (Russia)

Project duration 

2018-01-01 – 2019-12-31


total project budget: €111.500 funding baltfc: € 97.500