Vernetzte Vielfalt an der Schatzküste

Rinder in Drammendorf

The project aims to upgrade the Hotspot 29 Vorpommerische Boddenlandschaft and Rostocker Heide in terms of quality, biodiversity and connectivity of wetland biotopes and their resilience to climate change. The project area will be divided into three regions, and two intercommunal Biotope network concepts in each region will be developed. Based on these concepts different measures to enhance the biodiversity will be implemented, such as creation of stepping-stone biotopes, rewetting the coastal peat lands, removal of ghostnets and restoration of seal-habitats. Those hard measures shall be accompanies by a broad-scale citizen information and education campaign as well as partnerships with the local landowners.

Project Goal & Objectives:

The goal of the project is the improvement of biodiversity of coastal wetland & marine habitats in Greifswalder Bodden & the adjacent coast. The objectives are:

  • Enhancement of coastal & marine biotopes as habitats for endangered species
  • Development of a coherent coastal biodiversity network by securing/restoring the connectivity of small ecosystems (stepping stones and linear structures)
  • Raised resilience against climatic changes


  • Intercommunal network concepts
  • Recreation of swamps in agricultural landscapes 
  • Production of regional seeds for autochtonous biodiversity
  • Rewetting of wetlands and peatlands
  • Creation of beach islands for seals
  • Retrieval of ghostnets from Greifswalder Bodden
  • Awareness raising, education & stakeholder participation on biodiversity
  • Communication and networking


Naturschutzstiftung Deutsche Ostsee – OSTSEESTIFTUNG


  • Hansestadt Rostock
  • Kranichschutz Deutschland GmbH
  • WWF Deutschland
  • Förderverein NLP Boddenlandschaft e. V.
  • Universität Greifswald
  • Succow Stiftung

Project region 

Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, West Rugia and Rostocker Heide 

Project duration 

2020-07-01 – 2026-12-31


total project budget: € 9.475.701,52
funding BaltCF: € 803.854,04

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