Let us SAVE LATVIAN DUNES by building and renovating modern and accessible nature infrastructure, which will serve to all and will help to protect dunes from uncontrolled tourism flow. We will invite people to visit our beautiful coastal dunes the same time providing protected nature sites and modern universal and accessible nature infrastructure. Educational and informative activities will be covered by joint clean-ups and planting pine trees. Thus, dune’s protection will be arranged in three directions – Infrastructure, involvement and information.

Situation and background

Since the regaining of Latvia’s independence both, natural and cultural uniqueness of the coast has been continuously endangered, which is due to the insufficient state control as well as the implementation of the legislation on protection of natural habitats and preventing violations against the nature. On the other hand, a serious problem also is the low level of environmental awareness of the general public and the lack of suitable and modern (nature friendly) tourism infrastructure sites along the coast of Latvia in the length of 500 kilometers. Therefore, the issue of efficient implementation of nature protection system using the modern ecologic infrastructure as a tool in the coastal areas of Latvia is crucial for sustainable development of the whole Baltic Sea region.

Project activities and effects

Project Goal:

  • To protect coastal areas and dunes – biotopes and other biodiversity of unique coastal nature – the campaign objectives above all focus on  promoting the functioning of the Natura 2000 network


To act immediately we have an action plan with 3 Objectives:

  • Objective 1 – Infrastructure to protect the nature of the dunes; Building or renewing green and sustainable (accessible) nature sites’ – infrastructure objects, with the aim to protect dunes’ biodiversity
  • Objective 2 – Involvement and public awareness; Organizing public activities to improve the state of endangered biotopes’ sites and biodiversity in general
  • Objective 3 – Information and experience exchange, Changing experiences and information with all involved partners to ensure long-term effects of achieved results and update the situation and solutions
  • This project, the second campaign Save Latvian Dunes, 10 years after the first campaign’s experience, is designed to reach protect the coastal biodiversity and unique nature. By renovating and newly building infrastructure sites, we will ensure new standards of nature protection and at the same time nature accessibility. It will also contribute to the local economy. Local municipalities will maintain the newly built nature sites at least for the 5 next years, before renovations will be necessary again.After the project will be completed, evaluation with all the involved partners will be conducted in the context of a final conference where we will present our project and its results. During the project, an informative seminar for experience exchange and meetings with our stakeholders will be arranged. Our new Certificate Nature Accessible will be promoted in all Baltic Sea Region countries.


Latvian Green Movement


  • Coastal municipalities
  • Nature Parks and Administrations
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
  • local NGOs

Project region 

Coast of the Republic of Latvia

Project duration 

2018-01-02 – 2020-12-30


total project budget: €220.000
funding baltfc: € 165.000