Salmon Diary

The low level of the culture of anglers and the lack of the information disseminated to the public and young people significantly have contributed to the problem. The rapidly growing population of beavers and the number of dams is also complicating or completely blocking the migratory spawning paths. It is necessary to eliminate obstacles if we want to facilitate fish migration and recover of the Atlantic salmon population.

Reduced numbers of poachers and decently informed society will benefit to the salmon population not only in Lithuania but also in the Atlantic Sea. Authorized environmental control institutions of Lithuania that are responsible for fighting against poachers, are faced with shortage of funds and lack of human resources.

Project Goal & Objectives:

The project aims to protect and strengthen the population of the Atlantic salmon and sea trout in Lithuania. We are looking for the long-term success in fighting against poaching, imposing the use of “catch and release principle”, creating the network of the active amateur fishermen and volunteers community.


  • Implementation of environmental raids in the Baltic Sea coast and the Curonian Lagoon.
  • Implementation environmental raids in rivers (Nemunas, Neris, Žeimena, Šventoji, Dubysa, Vilnia, Minija, Dubysa, Jūra, Siesartis, Veiviržas, ect) during the salmon migration period.
  • Monitoring of salmon rivers, water quality and spawning nests
  • Improvement the river routes and paths for migrating fishes.
  • Submitting proposals to the state institutions on the regulation related to the amateur and commercial fishing in Lithuania.
  • Informing society about main threats to salmon and sea trout population

Long term effects:

The following  outcomes will be achieved as part of the project:

  • Increased number of migrating fishes.
  • Increased number of spawning nests on rivers stretches.
  • Water quality studies and number of spawning nests on river stretches.
  • Reduced number of obstacles for migrating fishes.
  • Increased number of migrating fishes and spawning nests.
  • The society is informed about the status and problematic of salmon migration.

The following  effects will be achieved in the long term:

  • Growing salmon and sea trout population.
  • Decreasing number of amateur and commercial fishing offenses.
  • Improved water quality and number of spawning nests on river stretches.
  • Increased number of spawning nests in upstream rivers (before obstacles).
  • Regulatory rules that ensure the growth of salmon and sea trout population (for example “catch and release”, limited commercial fishing during the migration period, etc.)
  • Involvement of the public and volunteers in the protection of salmon fishes. We will train our volunteers and engage them to become long term fish guards by offering in exchange team spirit, feel the benefits from volunteering, and spend quality time in the nature.


Association Lašišos dienoraštis

Project region 

6 Lithuanian rivers important for the salmon migration: Nemunas, Neris, Zeimena, Minija, Dubysa, Sventoji. Also the project will cover the Curonian Lagoon.

Project duration 

2019-10-01 – 2023-04-31


total project budget: €174,955.00
funding BaltCF: €149,995.00