Pollution Prevention in Small Water Bodies in Kaliningrad Region

This project aims at increasing the public’s and stakeholder’s awareness about the problem of water pollution through the initiation of an informational campaign. The project further aspires to stimulate investment activities directed at the reduction of pollution loads in water bodies of the Baltic Sea basin.

Situation and background

The project will be carried out in the Vishtyneckiy Nature Park and the adjacent land of the Nesterovsky Municipality. These territories are located in the southeast of the Kaliningrad region, where one of the largest regional water bodies – the Pregol River that drains into the Baltic Sea – has its origin. The Pregol River belongs to the same hydraulic network as the Vishtynec Lake and part of the Krasnaya River – both of which are also located within the Vishtyneckiy Nature Park.

The park itself constitutes a major tourist attraction, with a constant increase in visitor numbers observed. It is hence marked by a considerable amount of anthropogenic pressure, with approximately 4 tonnes of waste collected and removed from the area each month. Given that the Vishtyneckiy Nature Park is only partially supervised, a substantial amount of waste (e.g. plastic, glass, bio-waste) is able to accumulate and make its way into the water. Unauthorized parking further destroys the coastal zone and causes chemical substances such as fuel and machine oil to drain into the adjacent water bodies. This ultimately leads to pollution of the Baltic Sea since the affected water bodies are all connected.

The lack of public awareness on the extent of the pollution’s threat to the environment as a whole and the water basin in particular are the main reasons for the existence of this problem.

Project activities and effects

Project Goal:

  • Increasing public awareness about the consequences of the Baltic Sea catchment pollution
  • Reducing negative impacts on the basins of Krasnaya River and Vishtynec Lake


  • Assessment of the Vishtynec Lake´s ecological state and the identification of potential stakeholders
  • Organisation and implementation of an informational campaign in the catchment area
  • Implementation of investment activities aimed at reducing negative impacts on the water bodies in the Baltic Sea basin


  • reduce the inflow of pollutants into water bodies of the Baltic Sea basin from touristic activities
  • informational component of the project will have a multiplier effect on the Krasnaya River and the Vishtynec Lake basin
  • Involvement of children and young people will help generate basic knowledge about the issue to pass on to next generations
  • Stakeholder involvement will ensure the implementation of improved management strategies to help conserve the Baltic Sea and its catchment areas

Long-term effects

  •  implementation and results of this project could be used as a useful example for other water bodies in the Baltic Sea Region following the “bottom-up-principle”
  • findings of this project will contribute to the reduction of pollution or deposition, which lead to eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, and ultimately help secure terrestrial protected areas in the Baltic Sea’s immediate catchment area


State Autonomous Institution of Kaliningrad region “Environmental Center “ECAT-Kaliningrad


  • the Ministry for natural resources and ecology of Kaliningrad region
  • the Nature park “Vishtyneckiy”.
  • the Nesterovskiy Municipality (that will provide institutional project support)

Project region 

Kaliningrad region

Project duration 

2017-03-01 – 2018 -06-30


total project budget: €51,706
funding BaltCF: €44,466