A diverse, ecologically stable Baltic Sea

Our goal: a diverse, ecologically stable and intact Baltic Sea region as a living-environment for future generations.
The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation (baltcf) is a private German civil law foundation registered in Germany as International Baltic Sea Foundation for Nature Conservation. The foundation has been established in 2014.
We pursue the objective set in our statutes independently and transparently: the conservation of nature and protection of the environment in the Baltic Sea and its catchment area. To this end we provide financial support to suitable projects.

Our foundation

We are a private not for profit foundation established under German civil law. Our activities are exclusively linked to objectives as set out in the statute. In order to achieve its objectives, the Foundation has a fixed capital stock and additional capital for project funding, which will be exclusively used for funding nature conservation and environmental protection projects as defined in the Statutes.
The foundation is led by the Board of Directors and is legally represented by the Managing Director, who are all experienced professionals and Nature Conservation experts. The foundation is administered along the principles of the “Initiative for Transparency in Civil Society” coordinated by Transparency International in Germany.

What do we fund and how

We fund nature conservation and environmental projects from legal persons (e.g. associations and federations) and public bodies (e.g. municipalities) across the Baltic Sea region.
As we are seeking for long-term project outcomes, we would like to generate measurable results and achieve sustainable and viable structures with the allocated funds. We support projects that clearly contribute to our funding objectives and that are based on scientific and technical competence.

Our funding priorities

We fund and support nature conservation and environmental protection measures and projects in the countries bordering the Baltic Sea that
– improve the ecological stability and/or the regenerative capacity of the marine environment;
– contribute to the reduction and/or degradation of pollutants or depositions leading to eutrophication;
– help to secure and/or improve habitats for rare or protected species and support biodiversity;
– help to secure, expand, or develop marine protected areas;
– help to secure, expand, or develop terrestrial protected areas in the Baltic Sea’s immediate catchment area;
– help to compensate negative effects in the Baltic Sea’s natural environment;
– in keeping with nature conservation requirements, support the maintenance and development of habitats in the Baltic Sea and/or its immediate catchment area.

Would you like to apply for funding

In order to ensure that the assessment of project proposals is transparent, we have developed Funding Guidelines and provide templates for the application process. You can find all the necessary documents for your application on our webpage.
Please get in touch with us before you submit a project or present your project idea through the 2-5 pages long Project Concept Form in German or English language. Based on the project concept we will contact you and discuss next steps.
We support nature- and environmental protection measures and projects in all the states neighbouring the Baltic Sea. We provide financial support to projects. We are also willing to cooperate with other funding sources and can help with co-financing of public and European projects.

We are

Peter Torkler, Managing Director

Heike Vesper, Chairwoman of Board of Directors
Jörg Schmiedel, Board of Directors
Frank Häuser, Board of Directors