The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation was established in 2014 with the goal to promote environmental protection and nature conservation in the entire Baltic Sea area.

Our headquarter is based in Greifswald in Germany. The foundation is administered along the “Principles of Good Practice for Foundations” – that have been agreed by the Association of German Foundations – and the “Initiative for Transparency in Civil Society” – coordinated by Transparency International in Germany. It is important for us to be transparent in the way we present our finances, our funding criteria, our organisation and the projects we support.  Sustainability is an essential principle for us in managing the foundation’s assets but also in day-to-day office management.

As a non-profit foundation, Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation is subject to the German foundation law. The foundation has no commercial activities. The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees work on an honorary basis and the administrative effort is kept to a minimum. The Managing Director represents the foundation in ongoing affairs.
Not only do we pursue the overarching objective of funding a sustainable development and of advocating ecological responsibility in the framework of project funding, this is also fundamental to the management of the foundation’s activities and assets. The foundation’s assets are invested according to ethical, social and ecological principles.

The foundation manages its office in accordance with the principles of sustainability; this is reflected in our internal procurement and consumption policy: We purchase consumables that have been produced sustainably and have a FSC, IPR, Fairtrade or Organic label. Our office is powered by energy from renewable sources. We pay attention to a responsible use of materials and resources (paper, energy consumption, business trips).

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We inform clearly and transparent, following the ten points of the Intiative of Transparency of civil society: