Strengthening the protection of Atlantic salmon and sea trout wild spawning in North West Poland

The project is going to improve ecological stability of the Baltic Sea southern catchment. Thanks to the project and supporting of volunteer work in the Westpomeranian region, wild salmon and sea trout will have bigger chance to reproduce without problems and improve fish salmonid fish populations. The project will educate local citizens of Poland, increase their environment awareness and prevent from fish poaching as well as strength volunteer activities aimed to protect endangered fish species and river ecosystems.

Situation and background

Intensive fish poaching and devastation of West Pomeranian salmonid river ecosystems minimize the chances to hold natural wild spawning of salmon and sea trout, meanwhile these fish are protected by law and endangered in Poland as well as in Europe. Losses occurred in the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea and its southern catchment, following as a result of poaching practices and destroying the rivers are considerable and serious. There’s a lack of proper environment awareness across the region. People don’t see anything bad in buying illegal fish which supports poaching. Most of them don’t understand that dirty rivers, water obstacles, wrong water and stocks management as well as irresponsible angling provide loses to salmonid fish population. There is a need to strength volunteer activities aimed into promoting and sharing basic knowledge about salmonid fish, rivers, Baltic Sea, eco friendly angling, responsible water and fishing management, weakening acts of poaching and rivers devastation. There is a need to support difficult work of volunteers and keeping good effects of their statutory work which focus mainly on building fish spawning grounds, stocking, habitat works, rivers restoration, taking part in the public consultations for different water investments, controlling anglers and patrolling the rivers during salmonid fish spawning season. This support have to focus on providing relevant trainings and specialized equipment to the volunteers. The urgency to act is high, new generations are growing and they need proper knowledge about how and why we need to protect salmonid fish. They also need to see how active and positive other people (volunteers) are. Knowledge need to be supported by strong actions.

Project activities and effects 

Project goal:

  • to protect and enhance the wild spawn of Atlantic salmon and Sea trout in a southern catchment of the Baltic Sea


  • to increase public awareness in the region about protection of migratory fish, rivers and Baltic ecosystem
  • to strength efficiency of voluntary activities connected with protection of fish and rivers
  • to encourage volunteers to continue their work as well as to encourage other people to join volunteer structures, provide them useful knowledge and different practical skills
  • to create package of good practices in a cooperation between volunteers and authorities

Long term effect:

If bigger number of salmon and sea trout will take part in a wild spawning in upcoming years the population of Atlantic salmon and Sea trout in a Baltic Sea will become strong again. More fish will back to the rivers to reproduce and the salmonid life cycle will back to normal, stocking won’t be such important tool to keep the population of salmonid fish on balanced level, sharing the genes between the fishes will become much more healthy.


Providing clothing and equipment for volunteers, distributing educational leaflets, brochures and posters, organizing study trips for youth, organizing workshops and trainings for volunteers, publishing articles in press, supporting antipioaching patrols at rivers.

Green Federation GAJA

Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Rzeki Iny i Gowienicy (River Ina and Gowienica Friends)
Towarzystwo Miłośników Rzeki Regi (River Rega Friends)
Towarzystwo Miłośników Parsęty (River Parsęta Friends)
Towarzystwo Miłośników Rzeki Wieprzy i Grabowej (River Wieprza and Grabowa Friends)
Społeczna Straż Rybacka Powiatu Kołobrzeg (Volunteer group working on river Parsęta basin)
Stowarzyszenie OSA (Association OSA)

Project region
Westpomerania, North West region of Poland, southern catchment of the Baltic Sea

Project duration start and end dates
2016-01-03 – 2018-12-31


total project budget: € 133 294,34
funding baltfc: € 83 200,00
other donors: none