The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation mainly offers financial support to projects aimed at nature conservation implemented by non-profit or public actors from countries within the catchment of the Baltic Sea.

These include, for example, restoration projects to reduce pollutant inputs into the Baltic Sea and improve the environmental conditions for rare and protected species along with minimise the effects of eutrophication. Baltcf also supports projects related to the conservation of especially valuable stretches of coastline that are threatened by intensive tourism or other harmful activities, if these provide a sustainable contribution towards the ecological stability of the Baltic Sea environment.

Over the last year, we have discussed several project ideas and assessed our first project concepts and applications. The following 16 projects have received funding since January 2016:

  1. Protecting habitats of the Aquatic Warbler and improving ecological conditions of the Baltic Sea by optimising water management in Rozwarowo Marshes SPA
  2. Baltic Clean Games 
  3. Closed Loop Baltic – a small-scale closed loop system of energy and food production
  4. Strengthening the protection of Altantic salmon and sea trout wild spawning in North West Poland
  5. Pike Factories – restoring wetlands for natural pike reproduction
  6. Wetland restoration as private initiative – Mobilising private landowners and communities in support of biodiversity and a healthier Baltic Sea
  7. Protect the Baltic Harbour Porpoise
  8. Restoring degraded peatlands in Słowiński National Park Poland, for restoring natural habitats and restoring peatlands ecosystem services
  9. Pollution prevention in small water bodies in Kaliningrad Region
  10. Small-scale local solutions to reduce nutrient load into the Baltic Sea
  11. The Reduction of the Pollution of the Baltic Sea and the Protection of Migrating Salmon in Lithuania
  12. Untangling the net: tackling bird bycatch in Baltic gillnet fisheries
  14. Increasing passability of ecological corridors in the Parsęta River Basin
  15. Improving the nature protection on the Finnish Gulf valuable coastal areas
  16. A private landowner initiative for a prosperous and healthy Baltic Sea– Phase 2

Funding Guidelines

We support projects that clearly contribute to our funding objectives and that are based on scientific and technical competence.

How to submit a project for approval: