Pollution Prevention in Small Water Bodies in Kaliningrad Region

The project consists of two parts. The first one contains an informational campaign aimed at increasing the public´s and main stakeholder´s awareness for the problem of water pollution. The second part stimulates investment activities directed at the reduction of the pollution load in the water bodies of the Baltic Sea basins. 

Situation and Background

The project activities are carried out in the area of the Vishtyneckiy Nature Park and the adjacent lands of the Nesterovsky Municipality. These territories are located in the southeast of Kaliningrad region, where one of the largest regional water bodies – the Pregol River that drains into the Baltic Sea – has its origin. The Pregol River belongs to the same hydraulic network as the Vishtynec Lake and part of the Krasnaya River – both situated in the Vishtyneckiy Nature Park as well.

The park itself constitutes a touristic destination and is under a considerable anthropogenic pressure. The number of visitors rises constantly. Every month, about 4 tonnes of waste need to be collected and removed from the area.

Given that the Vishtyneckiy Nature Park is not entirely controlled, a substantial amount of waste (plastic, glass, biowaste) remains there and reaches the water bodies.

Because of unauthorized parking, the coastal zone is destroyed and chemical substances (e.g. fuel, machine oil) drain into the water. Ultimately, it leads to the pollution of the Baltic Sea since the affected water bodies are all connected.

The situation exists due to the lack of public awareness about the extent of the pollution´s threat to the environment as a whole and to the water basin in particular.

The results of the project implementation will be a good example useful for other water bodies in the Baltic Sea Region following the “bottom-up-principle”. The findings of the project will contribute to reducing pollution or deposition, which lead to the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and help to secure terrestrial protected areas in the Baltic Sea’s immediate catchment area.

Project Activities and Effects

The main targets of the project are:

  1. Increasing public awareness for the consequences of the Baltic Sea basin pollution;
  2. Reducing the negative impact on the basins of Krasnaya River and Vishtynec Lake

The project includes the following objectives:

  1. Assessment of the Vishtynec Lake´s ecological state and the identification of potential stakeholders.
  2. Organization and implementation of an information campaign in the catchment area.
  3. Implementation of the investment activities aimed at reducing the negative impact on the water bodies in the Baltic Sea basin.

Activities suggested in the project can reduce inflow of pollutants to the water bodies of the Baltic Sea basin from tourist activities. The informational component of the project will have a multiplier effect on the Krasnaya River basin and the Vishtynec Lake basin. They will be an example of how human activity can affect the Baltic Sea in general. The involvement of kids and young people in the project will help to create a basic knowledge and to pass it on to next generations.



State Autonomous Institution of Kaliningrad region “Environmental Center “ECAT-Kaliningrad


The partners of the project are

Project duration 

2017-03-01 – 2018 -06-30


total project budget: €51706
funding baltfc: €44466


ECAT´s website


Kick Off Meeting


Invitation to a seminar on how to carry out the so called “Clean Games” – an initiative already funded by the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation

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Map of the Project Region