Project Application

Project Application

Please get in touch with us prior to submitting a complete Project Application Form or by presenting your project idea through the Project Concept Form in either German or English language.

Based on your project concept, we will contact you and discuss further steps that will guide you through the application process.

Application forms

Submit your Project Concept:

Your project concept should include information regarding the project title, applicant, problem description, objective, actions, implementation timeframe, partners, costs and results of the project.

Project Concept Form

Submit your Application:

Once your project concept has been accepted by baltcf, you will be asked to submit a full application at a fixed deadline.

Project Application Form

Call for Funds:

If your application has been approved, the following forms are required for your regular progress reports:

Progress Report Template

Financial Report Template


If your project has been finalized, the following form shall be used:

Final Report Template