Funding Priorities

Baltcf funds nature conservation and environmental protection projects in countries bordering the Baltic Sea that adhere to one or more of the following objectives:

  • improve the ecological stability and/or the regenerative capacity of the marine environment;
  • contribute to the reduction and/or degradation of pollutants or depositions leading to eutrophication;
  • help to secure and/or improve habitats for rare and/or protected species and support biodiversity;
  • help to secure, expand, or develop marine protected areas;
  • help to secure, expand, or develop terrestrial protected areas in the Baltic Sea’s immediate catchment area;
  • help to compensate negative effects on the Baltic Sea’s natural environment;
  • in keeping with nature conservation requirements, support the maintenance and development of habitats in the Baltic Sea and/or its immediate catchment areas.

For further information on our funding priorities, objectives and formalities please read our Funding Guidelines.