The Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation is committed transparency and has signed the voluntary commitment to publish all important information following the 10 points for the public as requested by the Initiative of Tranparency of civil societies. Beyond the minimum requirements presented below, more detailed information is available on the specific webpages.

1. Foundation

International Baltic Sea Foundation
for Nature Conservation

Ellernholzstr. 1/3
D-17489 Greifswald

Please note that instead of the official name the foundation appears in public with its short name as “Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation (baltcf)”

2. Statutes, goals, organisation

Funding Guidelines

Investment Guideline

Statute of the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation (English)

3. Tax privilege

The International Baltic Sea Foundation for Nature Conservation is a civil law non profit foundation having legal capacity. The competent regulatory authority is the Ministry of Justice of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
Founded: 2014

According to the decision of the tax department Greifswald of 3. June 2014, the statutes of the foundation from 17.02.2014 fulfil the criteria of a tax privileged foundation.

4. Authorised representatives

Heike Vesper, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Jörg Schmiedel, Member of the Board of Directors
Frank Häuser, Member of the Board of Directors
Peter Torkler, Managing Director

5. Annual Report

Baltcf was founded in 2014. We performed a first financial audit in 2014. In the first half of 2015 the organisational framework for the foundation, like office management, funding principles and investment strategy has been developed.

For a clear, transparent and professional assessment and selection of projects an expert panel has been created (advisory board). Baltcf has started his funding activity in November 2015.

A first detailed report will be published in April 2016 (Annual report 2015).

6. Staff

one Full Time Employment (100 %), one Part Time Employment (50 %).

7. Source of Funds


8. Use of Funds

Baltcf has started funding activities in November 2015. We perform annually external audits. A detailed report will be published in April 2016 (Annual report 2015).

9. Corporate affiliations with third parties

The foundation has no affiliations with third parties, it is a non profit foundation according to the foundation law of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. The foundation has legal personality and is lead by the Board of Directors and represented by the Managing Director.

10. Name of legal persons or entities with financial contributions above 10% of the foundation annual budget

Baltcf does not receive donations above 10%.